Big Fan is an upcoming American game show that will debut on ABC. The series is being co-produced and created by Jimmy Kimmel, David Goldberg, and Caroline Baumgard. Andy Richter will serve as the host of the half-hour show. A total of six shows have been ordered to series but no airdate has been set.[1]


The series is based on a segment hosted by Kimmel on his self-titled program, called Who Knows, in which a contestant must stump a celebrity they're a fan of; a segment from the show that featured Katy Perry facing off against a fan (and lost to said fan) has racked up over 8 million viewers on YouTube. For Big Fan, the concept will feature three contestants facing off against their favorite celebrity. The fans will go head-to-head with the winner facing their idol in the final round. If the super fan wins, their prize is an experience with the celebrity they admire most.[2] According to Kimmel about the concept: "This show is a lot of fun,” adding that “Andy Richter is a great host, and I can’t think of a better way to terrify celebrities."[3]